Irrigatia – Solar Watering System

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The perfect watering companion for a GARDEN TOWER –  the weather responsive SMART Solar Automatic watering system. The kit includes the C12 SMART controller with integrated pump, inlet filter, anti-siphon, water level sensor, 15m tube, 12 drippers, stakes, tees, 3 x AA rechargeable batteries. Holiday watering at it's finest.

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Solar C12 – The Ideal System

By design the Garden Tower inherently conserves water.  The vertical nature of the Garden Tower provides the ideal downward percolation to water all 5o planting positions simultaneously. The C12 SMART Solar automatic system is the perfect system to achieve accurate watering in this situation, neither too much, nor too little, both of which can be harmful to plants.  Because it utilises drippers, there is very little disturbance and the downward percolation provides the ideal substrate conditions for the soil biology and for the plant roots.

Weather responsive 

The C12 SMART Solar Automatic watering system waters in relation to the quantity of sunshine. A day /night switch activates the system in daylight hours. It then runs once every 3 hours, until low-light switchoff.  The solar panel provides an internal charge for the batteries that is fully discharged at the next 3 hourly watering. This means the more the sunshine – the more water, and vice-versa. This  amount is also adjustable via the setting control knob on the controller, which means accurate adjustments can be made to perfect just the right amount for your Tower, and the stage of growth it is at.

We suggest adding a ring of drippers (preferably 8 ) on the top surface of the Potting soil in a staggered formation. The suction pipe would ideally be in a water butt. This provides the perfect watering solution for organic growing.

Monitoring the rate

The bottom drawer on the Tower provides excellent monitoring for over – or under-watering. If the drawer is filling up there is too much water going through the system.  If it is dry there is too little. The idea is to aim for a constant small amount. As the plants grow in size, the moisture transpiration rate will increase, the drawer will show less leachate.  An adjustment can then be made on the controller to increase the rate. As the summer warms and the light intensity increases, the SMART C12 will produce a bigger charge with a longer watering cycle, and provide your plants with more moisture. This is more accurate than even watering by hand, especially in a greenhouse. This is also important at times when plants require adequate water, like at fruit set.

Set it and leave it

The C12 Solar is rugged and weatherproof and provides great peace of mind that, once set up, you plants are being perfectly watered, which is crucial to achieve the best crop.


1 x SMART Controller C12 with integrated pump
inlet filter
15m tube
12 drippers
stakes,  tees
3 x AA batteries

Drippers : Use Minimum 6 – maximum 12 (12 included)

The Solar C12 manual is available here : Sol- C12 Installation and Setup Manual

You can also watch a video of a typical installation here (opens in Youtube)



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